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So... I sent over the 1000 gold, but I'm not sure how to end the game? Did I mess up by turning in the Heart Of The Forest before doing the final gold quest? Do I need to do the guy's other remaining quests for some reason (I only found 1 fossil, and I never found a thing for his daughter that he would accept despite trying various things)? What am I missing?

Loving the game, but i have no idea on how to turn on the head lamp, help pls

Thanks a lot! That's a very good point. Sadly right now the lamp is only a visual change and does not provide any functionality. Sorry!


Linux version started with music and custom cursor but black screen.  This is how I fixed it:

./AllThatLiesBelow.x86_64 -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720 -screen-fullscreen 1

If I tried using my full screen size (1920x1080) it wouldn't work.

Hi. I have the same problem but I don't know where to write it.


Very impressive work, you two! I am awestruck :))

thanks a lot, always a pleasure!


Amazing artwork, love it

Thank you, much appreciated!

Any chance for a Linux port?

Good point! I'll try and get it done over the weekend.

Done! But i was unable to test it properly, so let me know if there are any problems :)